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Throbbing Gristle and Hard Place Members Objectify Themselves for LICKER LICENSE

LA’s Hazel Hill McCarthy III outdoes herself (and her gender) with LICKER LICENSE, a touring one-night event of all-female video and performance featuring Kristy Fenton (Modern Witch), Actually Huizenga (Hard Place, Wet Look, et al), Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (Throbbing Gristle, Psychic T.V.), and many more well-endowed and world-renowned women–all happening at Show Cave tomorrow night!

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Next Time, We’re Bringing a Flask

When we dream of gods speaking, they all sound like Werner Herzog. Revelations granted by viewing Cave of Forgotten Dreams and the following Q&A on Saturday night at the Natural History Museum only made this man seem more like an immortal: Herzog has shot on every continent, including Antarctica; he thinks Picasso is over-rated, and he does not dream. Rather, he escapes his body during long walking journeys and “lives entire novels” as he steps–never, mind you, forgetting his direction.

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Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and Old Crow Medicine Show in San Pedro

The Railroad Revival Tour is like the Festival Express but with embedded sponsorships, double the dates, quadruple the ticket prices, and a super savvy marketing ploy that includes mp3 downloads of live recordings from the tour in the ticket price. Pretty sweet when you remember that the Grateful Dead made their fans record the shows themselves! Launched in Oakland on the 21st, the train pulled into San Pedro last night before heading in the desert’s direction.

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Andrew WK at Dem Passwords

Andrew WK performed a set of piano rags and crunk karaoke that would have won him quite a few new fans had he been playing a fraternity party or a fraternity fundraiser or maybe a fraternity reunion. Unfortunately for many attendees, what might have been a blissful reunion became a dystopian mix tape of half-forgotten Mario Brothers music cues and barely remembered tales of PARTYING. Given the jubilant subject matter of most of his songs, the irony of a dwindling crowd grinding their teeth as they tried to grin and bear the never-ending set of half-formed thoughts was perhaps the most interesting effect of the evening.


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Lee “Scratch” Perry

For half a century, Lee “Scratch” Perry has been making his own heaven here on Earth. He’s credited with co-inventing entire musical genres — reggae and dub — and pioneering recording and mixing techniques. If you don’t know his name, you know his sound: When someone says something is “dusty” or “dirty” or “otherworldly” or uses any of those adjectives that try to communicate that this music is not completely from this planet, they’re talking about what Lee “Scratch” Perry does.

Perry claims he receives direct communication from God; he burned his own famous Black Ark studio to the ground in order to purify it of evil spirits. (And he was just nominated for a Grammy!)

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Echo Park’s much-loved autonomous zone the Machine Project has hosted not just fascinating art but fascinating music, too, for much of its lifespan. Now the space has been commandeered by a combination of both for eternity–or at least the next 24 hours, starting Saturday at noon–with an Internet-broadcast telethon designed to fund a retirement home for artists at the Salton Sea.

This ninth in the series includes fifty participants and is the first to run 24 hours and the first to take over Machine Project as well–a sign of strength and power that bodes well for all those creative types hoping to spend their twilight years amid the fish skeletons at the beach. Burtle and Telethon co-founder Niko Solorio speak now about what every second of those 24 hours will hold.

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