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Broadly Meets: Kate Nash

Broadly Meets: Kate Nash


A singer, songwriter, activist, and outspoken feminist, Kate Nash is a woman with a cause. Mixing punk lyrics with a style that is by turns pop, indie, and somewhere in the nebulous realm of the alternative, the English artist uses music and the internet to encourage women around the world to speak up about whatever they can and want.

Empowered by the riot grrrl movement of the 90s, she’s maintained an original, DIY ethos throughout her career, founding an all-girl after-school music program in the UK and releasing an album on her own label. Most recently, Nash launched the “female Wayne’s World”–an online channel called Girl Gang TV. Produced in Nash’s garage with the goal of making cool shit that everyone could get involved with, Girl Gang TV is an outlet for connecting with fans and creators online. In this episode of Broadly Meets, host JD Samson talks with Nash about the project, as well as about acne, the importance (or not) of being relatable, MySpace, and how women are making an impact in 2015.