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Broadly Meets: Margaret Cho

Broadly Meets: Margaret Cho


Margaret Cho is a no-bullshit comedian, actress, producer and author known for tackling the politics of gender, sexuality, and race with razor sharp wit. Early in her career, Cho starred in the 1994 sitcom All American Girl on ABC. But after network executives criticized her appearance—asking her to lose weight and tone herself down—the actress decided to part ways from the show. While Cho has struggled with an eating disorder and addiction in the past, she’s since channeled these experiences into her performances. Before it was trendy Cho was, and remains, an unabashed feminist.

As a Korean-American and an openly bisexual entertainer, Cho uses her stand-up and one-woman shows as a platform to discuss her personal life and politics, bringing honesty and activism to the stage. In the past decade, she has produced a Broadway show, launched multiple national tours, and sold out rooms around the country. On stage and off she’s been a perpetual voice to marginalized communities and her next show, There Is No I In Team But There Is A Cho In Psycho, is no exception.