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e l e m e n t s

e l e m e n t s

e l e m e n t s

A Ba Na Na collaboration by Drew Denny and JD Samson

How culturally universal is the experience of eroticizing nature? Is this a desire everyone has? To go back to the land… but without leaving the safety of our car (our link to today’s technological fate). Are we fetishists? Of the natural experience? Of nostalgia? Investigating our contemporary contact with nature as simulacra, this project is a series of multi-media installations, texts, and performances that aim to construct queer ecosystems in art-spaces and imaginations.

e l e m e n t s employs projection, movement, pre-recorded scores, handmade props and costumes, installation, publications, and interactive performance.

exhibitions include:

HOLD UP 2016
OUTsider Festival 2016

About Ba Na Na:
Ba Na Na is JD Samson and Drew Denny. JD Samson is best known for her feminist musical projects Le Tigre and MEN. Within those groups, she realized multi-media projects featuring costumes, projection and installation. She continued her activist artist practice with a solo show at Deitch Projects and most recently a residency at Marin Headlands. Drew Denny’s award-winning films explore queer relationships, eco-feminism, and rebellion. Her multi-media installation and performance artworks incorporate music, movement and audience participation to create moments of joyful surprise and public pleasure. Together JD and Drew made a documentary about the Last Lesbian Bars in America before founding the e l e m e n t s project. e l e m e n t s premiered with an installation at MIX 2015 and a second iteration at Angel’s Gate for HOLD UP in 2016 before an inaugural performance at OUTsider Festival in Austin Texas. Drew and JD then drove from Melbourne to Alice Springs, Australia creating a hybrid doc//narrative film around gender, landscape, activism, race and dreams. Stay tuned.