The New Yorker, 2020

“Dark and hooky…” “Asking For It, written, narrated and co-directed by Drew Denny, pushes the genre to an even greater extreme.” -Dana Goodyear

New York Magazine – Vulture, 2020

“Asking For It takes an experimental approach to the hybrid album-podcast format” – Cherie Hu

AnOther Mag, 2020

“a bingeable fiction show… Combining Prest’s sonic flair with the cinematic writing of film director/musician Drew Denny, and a lush original soundtrack by HIPS; Asking For It is dark, immersive and raw. Sounds are expertly, richly, layered on top of one another to sink listeners into the world of the story… it’s delicately and deliciously made.” – Thomas Adam Curry

CBC Arts, 2020

Asking For It “explores something we need to discuss more: domestic violence in LGBTQ relationships.” – Peter Knegt

Shadows on the Wall – Arthouse Films, 2019

“Colourfully lurid cinematography and skillful performances that are both larger-than-life and beautifully understated… Plummer’s presence offers a witty echo of Pulp Fiction, and there’s also a clever nod to Thelma & Louise… Writer-director Denny has a superb visual sensibility, capturing her character’s various layers in a brief amount of screen time.”

GoSeeTalk, 2019

“You feel like you’re dropped right in the middle of a Quentin Tarantino narrative. It’s that engrossing.”

Cinema Crazed, 2019

“Drew Denny’s crime thriller is a slick neo-noir gangster picture that packs some really interesting characters and an intriguing heroine… A great sense of energy and wonderful chemistry between Hildebrand and co-star Amanda Plummer.”

Cinema Perspective, 2019

Love the “neon-sleaze aesthetic” of the film – reminded me of Nicolas Refn’s work – but through a queer feminist lens.

Close Up Culture, 2019

“Visually engrossing”

Film Threat, 2019

“Absolutely entertaining,” Momster feels like “a dream experienced by someone within the Natural Born Killers universe… with Tarantino-esque throwbacks.”

Solzy at the Movies, 2019

“Very well-directed!”

Top 10 Films UK, 2019

“Boasting a superb, female-led cast including Brianna Hildebrand and Amanda Plummer, Momster was made with a production team led all-female department heads.”

Film Inquiry, 2019

This is the first short film of the festival I hope is a proof of concept. A strong short, there is without a doubt the possibility for so much more, to expand upon the brief introduction to Momster (Amanda Plummer) and Angel (Brianna Hildebrand).

Unseen Films, 2019

Glorious short film Momster is a sheer delight… thanks to Drew Denny’s kick ass script and direction working with the killer cast. A wonderful story that surprises at every turn. Denny isn’t playing by the typical rules and as a result we have something that makes you go wow and applaud when it’s done… Highly recommended.

The Advocate, 2013

“Denny is an auteur to watch.”

LA Record on The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With My Pants On, 2013

“Tear-inducing, its visual beauty slaps you across the eyes.”

Bust Magazine

“Drew Denny is a master of laughing through tears”

indieWIRE on The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With My Pants On, 2012

“Hilarious, honest [..] a beautiful film that works as a lovely ode to female friendship.”

Huffington Post on The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With My Pants On, 2012

“Funny, touching, sexy and in awe of nature…”

Sean Carnage on Drew Denny and The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With My Pants On, 2012

“With her latest masterpiece she has taken the DIY ethos—and soundtrack courtesy of collaborators like Emily Lacy, Actually Huizenga, Pizza!, So Many Wizards, and more—to it’s grandest, most ultimate extreme. It’s an outpouring of emotion and poetry, stitched together with the care of a craftsperson.”


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The Advocate: 40 Under 40

“The visually stunning, earnest film follows two best friends, played by Denny and Sarah Hagan, as they road-trip across the country’s national parks to scatter ashes that actually belonged to Denny’s father.”

Top 5 Movies You Did Not See in 2012 by the Huffington Post!

“Movies like this are the reason our entire era of cinema will be admired in the future.”

Out of Order Magazine

“What makes it so comically irreverent is also what makes it so resonant.”

Cinema Without Borders

“Between performing mini-funerals in surreal southwestern landscapes, the girls practice being bad! Hilarious dialog, military cross-dressing, an incredible underground soundtrack, and performances by Sarah Hagan (Freaks and Geeks, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and writer/director Drew Denny elicit lots of laughter and a few tears in this mixed media dark comedy that interweaves autobiography, documentary, fiction and camp.”

LA Canvas: The Art Issue

“The duo’s aesthetically compelling journey from Los Angeles to Austin beautifully captured the dark period in her life with sincerity and a sense of humor.”

MRU radio KPFK Los Angeles

interview with Drew Denny

Alt Film Guide

“The film, a mix of road movie, (female) buddy comedy-drama, and, using Denny’s expression, ‘communal exorcism,’ follows friends Andy (Denny) and Liv (Sarah Hagan) — and Liv’s dog (Chloe) — as they cross the American Southwest from Los Angeles to Austin, spreading the ashes of Andy’s recently deceased father along the route.”


Nerdist Blog

“Should you just be a viewer in the mood for a wonderfully shot piece of drama hinging on conversation, interaction and alienation, go see The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had with My Pants On.”


Smells Like Screen Spirit

“The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With My Pants On is a novel hybrid of autobiography and fiction.”

“The sweetest moments emerge when the girls leave adulthood behind and play dress up, jump in the lake or draw on rocks, even if the drawings are of gravestones for those they have lost. Here is when they are at their best, most honest and most loving.”


The Advocate

“A really wonderful story […] Beautifully shot! It’s rare that you see relationship dramas like that with two women that are romantic comedies.”


Movie City News

“Denny boldly interweaves moments of stark personal reflection and detail into this otherwise simple tale about two friends taking a road trip across the southwest to scatter a dead father’s ashes.”


Another Rainy Saturday


Swoon Magazine

Medium format production stills by Charles Mallison


Twitch Film

“Drew Denny is easily the most talented lady I know […] Part dark comedy and part autobiography (the film’s based on Denny’s life and her father’s death), The Most Fun… is a hilarious and honest exploration of life and death and love and friendship.”


Work Magazine

“Drew Denny is a Workaholic”


Seattle International Film Festival

“Featuring breathtaking vistas, an incredible soundtrack and beautiful cinematography, The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had With My Pants On is an intimate, engaging and ultimately cathartic film about two girls on the road”