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Sex on Camera

Ashley Huizenga is a fiercely intellectual singer and performance artist, who has a hard time keeping her clothes on. Tonight, at a Valentine’s Day show at Cheetahs strip club in Hollywood, she saunters onstage in a thong and a red bra, draped in a piece of white, translucent fabric, which she slowly claws through.

Backed by self-produced beats, an electric guitarist and a synth player, Huizenga launches into her “porn pop,” as she calls it, full of clean, catchy riffs reminiscent of ’80s radio hits. It’s literally made for fucking. “Feel the power,” she sings. “You’re a man/You used to pay, but now it’s free.” She lies on her back, kicking her legs into the air and clapping her stripper heels together. Then she rises and swings around the pole before sliding her ass up and down it.

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Emily Lacy Raises Political Awareness — and Bail Money

When Occupy L.A. was raided by police in late November, Emily Lacy saw lots of her friends arrested. To raise money for their bail, the 32-year-old Alhambra folk musician performed a show at Machine Project gallery in Echo Park. It was all part of what she called her “Occupy Music” events, Lacy says with a toothy grin.

The disbanding of the protesters at City Hall broke her heart. But the events did inspire her new album, Rise, which is available tomorrow, Wed., Jan. 11, as a free download. The work’s six original songs about protest help document the Occupy movement in a way that the media failed to, she says. “[Rise] is a political exorcism through sound and singing,” she promises.

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Into the Wildness

The concept of “wildness” no longer exists so don’t go looking for it. Backup off that Redwood tree, leave your tidy state park behind and come to L.A.where the real Wildness lives.

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